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Cairns Electric to start work on Oakridge Centre contract

Oakridge centre will be the largest development in Vancouver’s history. After more than a decade of planning, construction began this year at a record pace. This world-class redevelopment is not see anywhere in the country and in its final form is something more akin to what you would find emerging now in places like Singapore. Developed by Quadreal Property Group and partner Westbank, the project includes doubling the size of the mall to 1.4M square feet (4.36M sq/ft or 28 acres site footprint), adding over 2,900 residential units in 13 towers both market and affordable housing, the addition of 300,000 square feet of commercial office space, and a 70,000 civic centre. The project also includes open public park space that traverses the rooftop areas of the redevelopment.

In September of 2020, Cairns Electric Ltd was awarded the Phase 1 North and Phase 1 South electrical scope of work which includes five High Voltage incoming services, ten Emergency Power Generator systems, ten Fire Alarm Systems along with infrastructure for multiple low voltage building control, monitoring and communications system, an extensive Underground Parking complex as well as Retail, Commercial and Office space as part of our scope of work. Over the next four years that Phase 1 construction is expected to take complete, Cairns Electric will be a key player laying the basis upon which all the future phases will be built.

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