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Clean Energy

OZZ Electric provides clients with the opportunity to secure their energy future through renewable energy, storage technologies, and advanced system controls. Through technologies such as Photovoltaic Panels and battery storage we provide solutions to reduce client's electricity costs as well as their carbon footprint.
Our Clean Energy Group offers turn-key solutions integrating renewable energy technology into both new construction projects and existing building retrofits. OZZ’s team of industry professionals provides unparalleled expertise and service, and ensure that every project is executed to the highest quality standards. Our services include project development, engineering & permitting, procurement, installation, commissioning and maintenance services.



OZZ Electric is one of Canada’s leading vertically integrated, full-service solar PV construction companies, having constructed 50+ MW of rooftop solar facilities since 2010, distinguishing itself as one of the country’s largest rooftop solar contractors. Our unparalleled industry experience in the construction of commercial rooftop and small commercial ground mount solar projects allows us to competitively design and build the highest quality solar PV projects.

Over the last 10 years, OZZ Electric has evolved from rooftop solar to today constructing clean energy projects in Canada, the USA and the Caribbean; deploying renewable generation, micro-grids, energy storage and advanced system controls for governments, corporations, institutions and utilities.

Let us know how OZZ can help with your next solar PV project!


FV Charging

OZZ Electric is a leading force in electrification and infrastructure management with a service team that is dedicated to bringing turn-key EV charging solutions and services to commercial and residential spaces.

With a vision for a greener world, OZZ Electric is a key player in building a sustainable and practical network of EV charging stations nationwide. OZZ Electric prides itself on its ability to provide solutions that are efficient, high quality and economical. We aim to do this by leveraging our strengths, resources, technology and strategic partners to fulfill any EV project.

Let us electrify your journey!


Battery Storage

Battery storage can provide customers with power resiliency as well as economic benefits from load shedding or energy arbitrage. Whether storage is being integrated into a micro-grid project, or operating as a stand-alone system, OZZ’s team of skilled experts can offer turn-key solutions for any commercial storage project. OZZ offer’s our customers turn-key battery storage solutions sized to meet the client’s electricity needs and provide the greatest overall benefit.

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