Ontario Power Authority (OPA) started the feed in tariff (FIT) program back in 2009, to attract investment in renewable energies. The Ontario FIT program allows business owners and private developers to generate power thru renewable energies such as solar power and then sell back to the province at a fixed contract rate for 20 years.

In Woodstock, this is a multi-level photovoltaic roof installation was part of the FIT program.  There over 2400 solar modules installed on this building making this a 555 kilowatt system feeding into the local grid.  Wolfedale Electric, a division of OZZ Electric completed this project on budget and on schedule.  This system includes a proactive communication with the local hydro distribution to allow for warning signals when system is not running at its optimum production.

Our project and field management teams understand the importance of hitting milestones and keeping projects on track.