St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation – Celebration of Voice Gala

The Celebration of Voice Gala, was an extraordinary evening in support of St. Michael’s Foundation and the Voice Disorder Clinic at St. Michael’s Hospital. The event was chaired by OZZ’s own Steven Muzzo, with fundraising efforts by John L. Cinelli; the gala event raised 1 million dollars in total for St. Michael’s Foundation.

The evening found its guests in the great company of sponsors and leaders within our community whose generosity will enable voice research to progress faster and advance care for patients suffering from chronic voice disorders. The team at the Voice Disorder clinic give people the care and resources to combat the challenges caused by voice disorders which can be disabling both personally and professionally and having both a social and economic impact to one’s wellbeing. The event raised support for people suffering from voice disorders and reached a tremendous milestone by creating the means to attract voice disorder specialists to Canada, where so few exist today.