Cosmo Music

Cosmo Music had a vision for their new retail space in Richmond Hill: a clean and uncluttered musical showcase that was also totally customer friendly and prepared to handle live performances. To make the most of the open-concept atrium space as well as the more specialized areas for sales, instruction and offices, planning and preparation was the key to making everything work. Wolfedale ran the majority of the necessary wiring under the slab and through walls to cut down the visual distraction of junction boxes and used laser levels to aid in the precise placement of each electrical element to eliminate as much visible wiring as possible.

The 250-seat theatre alone has a state of the art PA and spotlights, on top of standard lighting, while the ground level retail atrium was divided into multiple showcase areas with flood lighting on feature walls. Upstairs in the office space, Wolfedale installed full electrical systems common to more standard work environments, while exterior lighting was designed to run on a timed schedule, and an addressable fire alarm system is also in place.