Integrated Partnership Delivery (IPD)

OZZ Electric is enlightened on the latest, most advanced and collaborative delivery system within the construction industry: Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). At OZZ, we recognize that the key to IPD is the collaboration of people, systems and practices, including; a division of risk/reward provisions and/or liability flows through to the key trade contractors.  We acknowledge that the project outcome is the responsibility of the project team; and as a key member of the team, we strive to produce optimal results that will increase the incentive for all parties.

When you choose OZZ Electric to be a part of your construction team, you are choosing the highest standards of quality, technical expertise and accountability for projects that are on time and on budget.  As industry experts, our team develops the most efficient and effective solutions for your IPD project.

OZZ Electric is proud to have been selected as the contractor of choice to complete the 2nd major IPD contract awarded in Canada:

St. Jerome’s University


OZZ electric is qualified to complete Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects, or P3 as they are most commonly referred to as. This project delivery system is a contract between a government public sector authority and a private party.  The private party assumes the financial, technical and operational risk within the project.  The private party typically develops, builds, maintains and operates the facility for a contracted period. This project type allows for affordable infrastructure projects to achieve local government goals.

P3 projects take on a variety of forms, with varying degrees of public and private sector involvement – and varying levels of public and private sector risk. In fact, risk transfer from the public to the private sector is a critical element of all P3’s. The goal is to combine the best capabilities of the public and private sectors for mutual benefit.

Women’s College Hospital
Niagara Health System

TTC – Sheppard West Station

OZZ Electric is part of the team that is responsible for the overall construction of the TTC Sheppard West Project. Key elements of the project included extensive pre-work with the layout drawings, TTC required coordination drawings, interference drawings and addition onsite coordination drawings. The electrical construction included the Installation of owner supplied high voltage switchgear, the supply and install of a double ended 2000 amp switchgear, one UPS, the conduit and wiring for Passenger intercom system, Security, Access Control and CCTV and a complete Fire Alarm System.


Success in infrastructure begins with effective project management that includes efficient scheduling, the ability to manage and integrate changes in scope, a high degree of technical ability and a thorough understanding of CSA and ESA compliance requirements. We are experienced in these demanding projects and execute outstanding work quality, even while working in the most confined spaces. We are also able to develop highly accurate technical drawings that include specifications for quality control, and quality assurance measurements; it’s this advanced level of technical capability that sets OZZ Electric apart!

TTC – Ashbridges Bay Maintenance and Storage Facility
TTC – Highway 407 Station and Northern Tunnels
TTC – Leslie Street Connection Tracks
TTC – Sheppard West Station
TTC – Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension Wilson Yard
TTC – Union Station Platform Improvements
TTC – Vaughan Corporate Centre Station
TTC – York University Station
Viva Bus Operations, Maintenance and Storage Facility