The Shangri-la Toronto is one of the tallest buildings in the city, reaching almost 214 meters high. This 67 story building includes a luxury hotel that occupies the first 17 floors and includes 202 lavish guestrooms. The remaining upper floors of the building consist of 353 condominium units. This building hosts a five star spa, an Asian influence restaurant and two bars serving the finest in wines and spirits.

OZZ Electric was part of the design assist team that took this project from conception to completion in just two years. One of the unique challenges with this location was taking apart the heritage building situated on the corner of Simcoe and Adelaide and re-building the structure, to become the SoHo Restaurant and Club, just outside of the main entrance of the Shangri-La Hotel and Condominium.

Target Distribution Centre

OZZ Electric was the contractor awarded the task to provide all process wiring for a new high speed sortation system for Target’s new State of the Art Distribution Center in Milton, Ontario, Canada.

The facility consisted of over 1 million square feet of distribution space and another 50,000 square feet of office and over 100 shipping & receiving dock doors.


Ontario Power Authority (OPA) started the feed in tariff (FIT) program back in 2009, to attract investment in renewable energies. The Ontario FIT program allows business owners and private developers to generate power thru renewable energies such as solar power and then sell back to the province at a fixed contract rate for 20 years.

In Woodstock, this is a multi-level photovoltaic roof installation was part of the FIT program.  There over 2400 solar modules installed on this building making this a 555 kilowatt system feeding into the local grid.  Wolfedale Electric, a division of OZZ Electric completed this project on budget and on schedule.  This system includes a proactive communication with the local hydro distribution to allow for warning signals when system is not running at its optimum production.

Our project and field management teams understand the importance of hitting milestones and keeping projects on track.

The Shopping Channel

The Shopping Channel – Improves further on Energy Efficient Technology, taking advantage of the saveONenergy program for incentives.

The now 12 year old facility, The Shopping Channels Distribution Warehouse started making environmentally responsible choices back in 2008. This building which houses packages and sorts for the delivery of the items sold on the Shopping Channels TV show (items can be purchased by phone or internet) employed Dial One Wolfedale Electric a Division of OZZ Electric to change its main lighting from 350 – 400w Metal Halide fixtures to 350 – 4 lamp T5 fluorescent lighting complete with sensors.

The decision to make changes to a more energy efficient lighting led The Shopping Channel to realize that these choices would also provide their employees with a more natural and comfortable working light. Besides the incentives offered through the OPA funded – saveONenergy program The Shopping is able to realize a minimum annual energy savings of $35,000.00.